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Safety Systems Advancement

We partner with businesses that are seeking to enhance the maturity of their safety programs and culture. Each engagement is tailored to the unique needs of the business. No matter where your organization is in its safety journey, I’m happy to work alongside you!

Does your organization have an active Behavior Based Safety (BBS) system? I have suggestions. Existing safety systems and management’s behavior are often overlooked factors in BBS, yet they can have a significant impact on culture and incident prevention.

Working towards ISO 45001 implementation or need an external audit? I can help! I obtained my ISO 45001 Lead Auditor certification in 2020. I’m a firm believer that a structured and continuously improving system can improve employee safety, get management involved and accountable, reduce risks, and keep up to speed on opportunities.

Do you function under the philosophy of Human & Organizational Performance (HOP)? My approach aligns with HOP. Partnering with Paradigm means including staff at all levels of the organization as we delve into its management, culture, and systems. We’ll look at tasks – the job, the workplace / design, and the environment and how those overlap with human factors and behaviors. We’ll consider people’s attitudes and experiences as we plan holistically for preventing errors. All of these things influence change! Part of the strategy for success will include the use of the Plan Do Check Act cycle.

Common focus areas include:

  • Developing a roadmap to world class safety
  • Integrating safety into business practices
  • Engaging employees to improve safety
  • Establishing and training safety committees
  • Performing safety culture assessments


“As a new individual in the Health and Safety field I don’t know what I would have done without the continued guidance and knowledge Heather continues to share with me. She has mentored me into a safety role within my company and has created policy that we as a company can follow for years to come.”

Supervisor & Safety Coordinator

Danne Burns

West Michigan Compounding

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