The goal of a gap assessment is to provide objective feedback on program maturity and/or key areas of risk. We will deliver a report that includes a prioritized list of opportunity areas along with recommended actions. An assessment can be tailored to your business needs.

Some of the most common assessments include:

  • Compliance
  • Mock-OSHA
  • Policy Review
  • Record Keeping Audit
  • Skill Development Assessment

What is a GAP Assessment (or Risk Assessment?)

Paradigm suggests the adoption of Toyota Kata Principles in the spirit of continuous improvement and its approach to quality.  A kata is a pattern you practice to learn a skill and mindset. Through practice, the pattern of a kata becomes second nature and acts are accomplished with little conscious attention. It is built from providing a systematic, scientific routine that can be applied to any goal, including safety goals.  Paradigm Safety will work with partners to embed these principles into their approach to improving safety.  

Paradigm believes there is an opportunity to utilize the kata improvement cycle which is based on the scientific method of proposing a change in process, implementing it, evaluating, and measuring the results and then taking appropriate action.  

The Improvement Kata

  • Understand the direction
  • Grasp current condition
  • Establish the target condition
  • Iterate toward target condition

When the kata is applied, employees are empowered to think creatively in problem-solving and take an active role in both implementing and evaluating the success of the change. Using this method to engage employees will build buy-in and lead to greater support for the shift in culture.


“As a new individual in the Health and Safety field I don’t know what I would have done without the continued guidance and knowledge Heather continues to share with me. She has mentored me into a safety role within my company and has created policy that we as a company can follow for years to come.”

Supervisor & Safety Coordinator

Danne Burns

West Michigan Compounding

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