GVSU OSHA Board Member

2018 – Present

This board group holds a special place in my heart because GVSU is where I earned my degree. Collaborating with educators within this community allows me to stay connected with the evolving methods of student learning and contribute to molding their educational and community-based encounters. I take great joy in mentoring students and providing internship opportunities to broaden their range of professional experiences

The OSH Program at GVSU:
Mission, Vision, and Core values of the Occupational Safety and Health Department has provided the basis for the program educational objectives of the graduates with the Bachelors of Science in Occupational Safety and Health Management. Graduates of the Occupational Safety and Health program are expected within a few years of graduation to:

  • Apply a broad educational background to effectively lead, influence, and achieve the OSH goals and objectives of their employers.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate inside a diverse work environment
  • Work in an ethical and professional manner
  • Engage in professional development to continue to grow throughout their careers.

American Industrial Hygiene Association Ergonomics Committee

2023 – Present

Members of the committee develop, assemble, evaluate, and disseminate relevant information to occupational and environmental health professionals on human physiological and psychological capabilities to perform work without injury and to actively anticipate, identify and respond to human factors issues in the workplace.

Michigan Safety Conference


I serve as a volunteer for the Michigan Safety Conference in the Industrial Division and help to set the speakers and agenda for each conference.

AIHA Total Worker Health National Task Force

2019 – 2023

TWH includes a host of programs relevant to worker health, impossible to implement without IHs delivering on all our usual duties to control hazards and exposures in the workplace, along with additional ones, such a psychosocial factors. TWH is our umbrella under which we bring together all elements associated with worker health.

COVID-19 vaccine IBC member


Med-1 Advisory Board Member

2010 – 2018

Regional Safety Culture Collaboration Chair

2015 – 2017

Following high-profile lab accidents at the CDC and NIH in 2014, I started this committee as a collaboration between regional academic and hospital labs. The purpose was to dive into root causes for oversights and incidents within the lab environment and to share best practices. The members of this committee worked diligently to develop best practices within our community and ensure that we create a culture of learning, accountability, and incident prevention.

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